Booking Timeline

Bookings for Stall Holders and Food Vendors must be received by 31 July 2018. No refunds for cancellations after this date will be issued.

Please be aware that all Stall Holders must have Public Liability Insurance. If you do not have this Insurance, we can arrange this, but a $30 fee will apply. No insurance, no admission..


To book your spot at the Treasure Market, please fill out a booking form and send the form along with your payment to:

Forms must be received by 31 July 2018.

Sites are available in two locations:
  1. Outdoors (Trackside) where you can trade from your vehicle on a 5 x 5 metre site, no power.
  2. Indoors (Stables) where you can trade from a 4 lineal metre site, power included.
Food Vendors

Sorry, catering sites all booked out.

Further Information

Costs to Sellers

Outdoor Site = $45.00
Indoor Site = $75.00
Food Vendor Site = $75.00 (Sites all booked out)
Site cost includes admission of one vehicle per site. Vehicles over 1 tonne only admitted by prior arrangement with the Market Manager – or 0427 674 620

Fees are payable by 31 July 2018


Arrive as early as you like – gates will be open from 5.30am.
The market opens to the public at 8.00am.
No sellers will be admitted after 8.00am.
Food Vendors may start trading prior to 8.00am if they wish to cater to Sellers.


Bookings must be made on the form above.
Bookings are open from 12 May 2018 until 7.00 pm 31 July 2018.
Please read the Terms & Conditions on the Application Form carefully.